Mike Greer Portraits


  • This is the most important question to be answered. Why invest in portraiture?
    • The simplest answer is, because it's extremely important. Studies show that when children see themselves in a family portraits hanging on a wall on a frequent basis, their sense of belonging skyrockets. The family unit is the foundation of most people's sense of self. That leads to future successes in life. Read this for a more detailed look into the impact of portraiture on children. Secondly, the human experience is marked by our physical presence on earth. People remember us when they see us. Portraiture is the best way to capture the experience. 
  • How much will it cost?
  • Where do the session take place?
    • It's your call. We conduct our sessions in studio and/or on location. During the consultation we'll discover what's best for you.
  • How long will it take?
    • We tend to shoot only one session per day. Therefore, we don't limit the time. We take the necessary time to get satisfied with our results. This could be an hour to several hours. However, we will respect any time frame you have to adhere to.