Mike Greer Portraits


Located on Orchard Lake, Mike Greer Portraits is dedicated to the science and art of capturing beautiful imagery of people at important moments of their lives. As a pioneer in the art and science of digital imagery as early as 1987 and motivated by the sheer power that images of people possess, I decided to convert my expertise and passion for imagery into the origins of Mike Greer Photography in 1998 after a 17 year career as a mechanical engineer at General Motors and Ford. Initially operating out of my house and concentrating on weddings for 10 years, MGP moved to downtown Farmington in 2010 and has evolved into a full service wall portrait studio providing service to married couples, High School seniors, parents of new born children, families, couples, executives, corporations, and those interested in commissioned portrait art.

In 2016, Mike Greer Photography became Mike Greer Portraits. This change streamlines and highlights our business focus and expertise. Then in 2018, I decided to relocate to our Orchard Lake location providing a more personal environment for portrait activities. Today, we concentrate our vision and creativity on family and business portraiture for album presentation and wall art portrait decor for the home and office.

Professional photography is a personal services operation. When contracting a portrait artist, a customer is surely contracting their skills. However, they're really contracting the person/people providing the skill. Portraiture is what I do, but who am I? Who would you be contracting? In short, you'd be contracting a God fearing man dedicated to his family and the art and craft of portrait art. Everything I am and do stems from that foundation.